“Let us help you build your dream travel plans. Fulfills every need and Desire for a great holiday experience on this island. Enjoy the beauty of marine life by snorkeling and diving, cycling around the island, and enjoying special dishes by the beach. We are here to create unforgettable moments and experiences”

Romantic Dinner

Romantic dinner by the beach, enjoying the sunset and accompanied by a sprinkling of stars. You will enjoy a special butler service to ensure your romantic moments are unforgettable.

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Movie Night

Enjoying the best movies by relaxing on the beach, becomes a special thing in your vacation. You can watch drama, comedy, action, horror movies while relaxing on a bean bag accompanied by stars and waves. This will be the best moment that you will not make. If you haven't had success, let Lumi run it.

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Horse Riding

Create new experiences in your vacation trip. This is a very fun and challenging thing. You can ride horses in the beach area in the afternoon with the sun starting to set. The orange sky and the crashing of the waves will complete your experience while riding

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There are very beautiful and colorful coral reefs on this island. The underwater beauty that can spoil your eyes while spending a vacation on Gili Trawangan. Lumi Hotel provides a new experience for those of you who will snorkel to see the beautiful secrets under the sea that God's handiwork is so stunning. The ideal snorkeling conditions are when the surf is small and preferably at low tide, when the current is not as strong and visibility is better.You can contact our staff for bookings and we will arrange an itinerary for your adventure

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You will find a fantastic experience When you dive deeper to see how beautiful the underwater life on this island is. Lumi hotel accommodates your needs to realize your dream of diving and seeing the beauty of marine life. You can contact our staff to arrange the right time for you to dive through the beauty without limits.

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